Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Planet Terror Part 2

Part 1 can be found here.

The group regroup at a steakhouse to fend off the zombies...

"Try not to shoot me in the back" cause he just give a lot of guns to civilians and his deputy did accidentally shoot a civilian at the hospital earlier.

In the diner, they try to finds means of transportation and escape..there is one cool bike

And one classic muscle car

Sure enough, the sheriff was accidentally shot in the neck by his deputy (again). I would not trust a gun to that man. Damn clumsy.

So they decided to fight their way out..

More zombies approaching

So its time to make a break for it.

Still lack 1 place for 1 person. Lucky someone has a pocket bike...

They managed to evade the zombies, but was captured by the military earlier.

They managed to escape, how? you have to watch the movie yourself..

The plan was to capture 2 helicopters and fly to Mexico. The fight is on..

Since the wooden leg was broken when killing the guard, its replaces by a rifle. FYI, the guy killed is actually Quentin Tarantino, one of the most famous director. I am waiting for his latest movie, "Inglorious Bastards".


Some of you might be wondering why the military was so interested in them? Cause they are the cure duhh.

They managed to capture the helicopters and decapitate the zombies. What zombies? Actually the military was exposed to the toxic gas while there were on the mission to kill Osama. So they need the gas to stay alive..or turn into zombies

Escape, but the hero took one for the team..

At the Gulf of Mexico now, there is a sanctuary for human against the zombies...

Defender of the sanctuary..

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