Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wet wet Sunday

I woke up this morning, and yet another rainy day. It was even worse that yesterday, so nothing to do but sleep on it. And it rained non stop for like the whole day. Nothing else to do but sit at home, facebook, play some online game and watch some dvds...

Really heavy rain, so all my plans were postponed. I took three days of leave to heal, but it seems my injuries (soul) were bad, so I think I need to take more days of leave.

Lucky the rain stopped in the evening, so I can buy food to break fast. So went to Gelugor to buy some food..

This is like "Nasi Briyani", but its called "Nasi Bukhari", as far as I know its only sold during the fasting month, so if you want to try it, now is the time. They come with chicken or beef, and cost about 6 per packet..

This is Kelantanese food called "Nasi Kerabu"..It contains fish, bean sprouts, budu (fermented anchovies) and some other stuff.. ha ha

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