Friday, August 21, 2009


Tomorrow fasting starts, so today is the last day to do anything. After that have to wait 1 month.

In the morning, I went to Gurney and had breakfast there. Nothing much going on this weekend, except if you want to buy the new Honda Accord.

Afternoon, went and get my haircut. Was talking to my hair stylist on how more young people were losing their hair. According to her, a lot of people wore too much wax or gel, but did not wash their hair properly, so the layer of oil cover their pores and cause too much hair loss. So you all should get those deep cleansing shampoo. One bottle costs around RM70..ha ha. Oh ya, she is looking for shampoo girl, so anyone interested can contact me. Shampoo GIRL...

Then I went to Queensbay just to walk around, since I have been there yesterday and the day before so nothing much to do. So just walked by the seaside..

Lotsa crows..Someone suggested to have a BBQ here but I said it was not such a good idea..ha ha

Walked to then end, then I saw this fun fair. I bet a lot of you don't know what that is. Its like the circus. In the old days it was very popular, but now, its fate is like the circus, a dying breed..considered the last of the Mohicans..I think they are like because they failed to keep up with the times.

Walked until tired so rest a while. See my Adidas. Sorry Adidas fans, I still feel my Onitsuka Tiger is more comfortable..ha ha. Adidas feels kinda stiff when you walk for too long.

A shot of Queensbay

My last supper, at TGI Fridays

Pepsi, not vinegar..

Sirloin steak. Actually regreted the tomato sauce, mushroom taste better ha ha.

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