Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Ship Reloaded

Last night was my farewell dinner. They place that we were going was so secret. Amy asked where is it? I asked where is it? And no one tell us until its too late than I realized that the place serve pork =.=. So we have to come up with counter measures. In the end, we end up at the Ship again. Don't blame me, blame the organizer. ha ha.


The Five Faces of Amy

Jia Hui and BiJun

Alvin and the super shy Melvin

Charlie's Angel ^^

The next section is a tribute to Tze Yin. She always take picture of food before we makan.

Mexican Hot Soup

Baked Fish hami? (forget d =.=)

Chicken a la Russian (got vodka sauce inside)

Totally forget what this is =.=

Spring chicken

Chicken a la Kiev

Group photo

I'm still Number ONE, see my shirt ha ha


dkiDcLoud said...

woohoo~ dat shirt =D
hmmm ur farewell?? O_O

Jwo-Haur said...

Yeah... what do you mean YOUR farewell? Finally packing and heading to Paris to learn fashion designing?

SMS said...

I am going to Japan :P ha ha

dkiDcLoud said...

O___O no way!