Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mountain of the Cannibal God

I am feeling peachy today, so its time for another movie review. This is an 80s movie and I doubt that you can find the DVD but I have one copy. ha ha. Most cannibal movie are too violent for the young ones but this one is about average in its gore and violence
You know you are going to enjoy the movie when there is a typo error on the first scene of the movie.

A scientist is missing after an exploration of an island, so his wife and her brother goes to search for him. The wife was acted by Ursula Andress, one of the more famous lady of the 80s. Of course the government refused to help on the pretext that the island was a restricted area.

Arthur and Susan

On failing to obtain help from the government they turn to Dr. Edward who has a bad experience at the island. He claimed that he was captured by cannibals on the island only to escape. His goal now is to kill all the cannibals there.

So off to the island they go on a boat..

Only to be attacked by cannibals (one actually =.= but they were so busy running around here and there that they did not manage to outgun 1 guy)

Susan was about to be speared cause Edward and Arthur were busy running around chasing their guide.

Only to be saved by the real hero who scared the cannibal with a gun shot.

He brought them to a tribe village for some R&R.

If you are in a tribe village and the cute native girl is eyeing you, do not have sex with here. Why? This is what is going to happen..

Before you get any action, bam, the cannibal rush in and throw a spear at you..

Which hits the girl. Not the kind of penetration that both of them were looking for I guess =.=.

Before this scene, the cannibal was salivating at Susan.. And I dont mean in the eating way...

The reason Ursula Andress was offered this job

In the commotion, Dr Edward chased the cannibal and managed to kill him, but he was injured in the process.

They pushed in further into the jungle, now accompanied by the guy that helped Susan, until an accident too Dr. Edware out of the picture..

They reached the mountain and it was revealed that Susan and Arthur were actually looking for the mountain cause it contains uranium and not really looking for her husband who actually dont want them to know where is it.

Arthur was pointing a gun at the guide when the cannibals arrive and kill him with a spear. Horray for the cannibal..This this there are lotsa them..

I never get this. In all the cannibal movies, they always eat the intestines first, raw. Doesn't that contain shit? =.=

The reason 99.5% male watch this movie. Ursula Andress getting oiled..

One more time O.O

After that the cannibals have a feast and an orgy...

I have seen lotsa wierd shit in movies, but this is number 1 in my book. How much was the actor getting paid to do this..

The cannibals gets careless and the guide manage to escape and free Susan. If I were him, I would just leave her there. They did try to shoot him earlier, remember?

After killing a few guards, they escape via the river..

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Anonymous said...

I don't want to put this - something I stumbled across on the net - up on my blog, but it is too darn hilarious not to share:


  B罩杯—Barely there:那里几乎没有。

  C罩杯—Can do:凑合用。

  D罩杯—Damn good:真合适。





  I罩杯—I can’t believe it:难以置信!



  L罩杯—Larger than life...:巨无霸。


I think you will get it even if you don't know what "罩杯" means. ;-p I modified the one about "L", but the rest were borrowed straight from a website (actually, it has appeared on many sites).

SMS said...

I hope you are not talking about bra size here =.=

Anonymous said...

Surely a guy who watches cannibal movies with loads of full frontal nudity and unnatural sexual acts will not be too squeamish to discuss about bra size...? ;-p

And yes, of course it is about bra size. Or "cup size", as they usually put it.

I wonder how many "cc" is the biggest "cup"...

SMS said...

Most of the girls I knew don't wear bra :P

Anonymous said...

So what's Ursula Andress's cup size?
B or C?

Anonymous said...

Ursula Andress...C-Cup