Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Punisher: War Zone

Finally a Punisher worthy of the the comic book. They messed up the Punisher twice already in the movies. The first time was Dolph Lundgren - 1989 ... shudder

Then the Thomas Jane Punisher, grrrr...

Finally they hired someone suitable to be the Punisher in war zone: Ray Stevenson

The Punisher kills some mafia family ...

Shooting upside down style...while hanging on a chandelier..

Then one gang leader got thrown into some glass recycling machine...

And became Jigsaw..and for your information, that is a real Punisher story character. But no one can beat the Joker in Dark Knight already.

After the shootout, the Punisher realized one of the person that he show was an undercover agent and decides to retire until Jigsaw goes after the dead agent's wife and kid (the agent was in charge of the accounts and the money is missing).

Jigsaw captures the family and the Punisher's armorer (the person that supplies guns to him) and the Punisher goes on an all out attack on Jigsaw's base..

The Punisher comes face to face with Jigsaw and his brother. Jigsaw pints a gun to the armorer's head while his brother at the child, giving the Punisher the choice to shoot one of them so that the other will live. Duhh, why play around when you have the chance to shoot? Have this guy never seen a James Bond movie, those things never work. Which end up with ..

A subtle message? kekekeke

Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a negative review cause its too violent. WTF, we are talking The Punisher here and not Santa Claus ok. =.=

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