Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Musings of an unstable man

My facebook status say "Buying clothes for a funeral". Whose funeral? maybe my students, their final exam is coming soon and their project presentation too. Maybe mine... anyway I am super tired this week. Not enough sleep cause I was marking paper.

Talking about that I just bought a Topman shirt and an Esprit pants last week. And you know what, I feel like getting more clothes for the funeral. Maybe a "Saville Row" shirt and a "Dockers" pants. Hmmm. Anyway I just submit my claim to Wawasan yesterday and should get the money by May. I am in the wrong field, maybe I should study fashion designing in my university days.

A cool shirt from River Island.

Talking about Fashion Designer, there is an image that most of them are gay, which might be true or not. I blame it on "Queer Eyes for the Straight Guy series", where 5 gay men help change an image of a normal man, imagine that.

While we are at this issue, there is this joke. Best pick up line at a gay bar "Can I help push your stool in?" =.= get it?

Back to real life.

Lets say that you have been doing something the same way all these while, do you think that you will get different results? For example you have been working for 10 years and still hope that you will get rich by that. Of course not. The reason I am saying this is, if you have been studying the same way all this while, your result will not change. You must do things differently, ie study in a group, make a group discussion and so on.

Yeah Yeah, I know some burnt out lecturers will say that is how the students now are, blame it on this system and that system. For me, its simple, if I dont want to play the game, I will stop. period. No BS. I am not Superman and have no magic bullet to solve all the problems that the politicians created.

I always like to help people, but 1 thing that I cannot stand is people that misuse and abuse my kindness and take advantage of me. You dont really wanna mess with me OK.

Feel like getting another knife =.= . Why do I like knives, cause a knife does not discriminate, it will cut everyone.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who it is exactly that is stopping you from becoming what you really wanted to be... perhaps your own fear of being perceived as a failure? "Oh, that guy... I remember him; he quit because he couldn't take the heat." Now, imagine the whole world saying this about you. Then ask yourself whether your self-value is any less because of that. See?

I'm quite sure the whole neighborhood think that I'm jobless, and living soft, because most of the time, I work from home. And I'm the one who goes to the pasar to buy the groceries. But I'm happy doing what I do - doing translation, teaching occasionally, cooking for my wife, taking up painting again, going back to arranging that song that I had always wanted to publish during Easter - are others' opinions worth my giving up what gives me fulfillment? Surely not.

Anonymous said...

Er... I should have sent that comment as an e-mail to you. You can delete the comment, right? :-)

Sorry if it offends you in anyway. But I prefer to be honest with my friends. Besides, you know how I like to throw my opinions around whether they are wanted or not. :-p

SMS said...

No offense la. Its better to tell the truth than some candy ass sweet talk. ha ha