Thursday, March 19, 2009

Final Year Project Idea 1

I was riding my bike when an idea suddenly hit me.

One problem with programming is debug the errors. So I proposed an automatic "Java syntax error detector and corrector". Its works like Word spell check which can correct spelling errors.

This project is not building a Java compiler, but basically the project checks Java files, detect any errors and make auto correction to the files. We can test it on a limited rule system first, i.e. detecting missing ; or { }.

Of course you must be strong in programming concepts to attempt this project.

Anyone interested can come talk to me so we can discuss further about this idea.


asma r. said...

sir, i think your project idea is very's somewhat different...and i'm actually interested in it.

the only problem is that i dont hav strong programming concept :P

this is very RISKY.

Anonymous said...

Did it hit hard?

Poor guy... and riding a bike at that time... it could've thrown anyone out of his/her balance, I'm sure... I hope you didn't cause an accident...

I hope the perpetrator who threw the idea at you goes to jail.