Sunday, March 22, 2009

The stink of flesh

I am not feeling so well today so its time for another zombie movie I guess. This movie comes highly recommended by one of the movies website so I decided to watch it. The title of the movie is "The Stink of flesh".

The world has been run over by zombies and pockets of people are surviving here and there. One of the survivors is called Matool...

If you don't get the references, you have not watched enough zombie movie yet. I will explain this Matool at the end of the blog.

Matool goes around killing zombies with his mixed martial arts skills. First time I see that in a zombie movie..

Arm lock on a zombie O.O

Put your leg over the zombie's shoulder and use your body weight to push his hand down..

Tada..actually I forget the name of this move ha ha..

Triangle choke on a soldier..more on this later

His weapon is a hammer..

His most prized possession..glasses

One day he came across a weird family...

The husband has a female zombie chained up for entertainment =.=

The wife like to sleep with other guys.

Will the arrival of 3 soldiers. one of them seriously injured spell the end?

Surrounded by zombies

Matool escapes

Note: Matool is the name of the island in the movie Zombi 2.

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Curvy Gal said...

Seen this...and nice post by the way. I actually just submitted a question about the movies title to the Zombie the title because I forgot. The sex scene with the Zombie in the shed stuck in my was a twisted bizarre addition to a zombie movie that I hadn't seen before. Glad you posted about it ...and I was able to find my answer.