Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Hard Goodbyes

22-Jul-2008 - I was sitting in front of my pc when I got an sms "Yo, I reach penang". Amy is back in Penang after completing her degree in UK.

Then we had lotsa adventure in Penang, the gashapon machine, always meeting her and her dad when I go shopping in Gurney (her dad must think I am a shopaholic cause every time I buy something meet them =.=), Kose promotion at Queensbay (scaring unlucky students who passed that booth)....

But whatever that has a beginning has an end. Recently she told me, "I am going to Japan to continue my studies".

So its time to say the hard goodbyes (this is a title from one of my favorite comics "Sin City". First her friends invited her for a farewell dinner at the ship, which was in my previous blog. And if you believe that was my farewell, well April Fool to you. ha ha.

But yesterday 1st April was no joke, it was my farewell lunch + movie + shopping with her T.T

First it was lunch at TGI cause she wanted to eat those cheese balls I think..

My wingless chicken wing grrr..(Actually its boneless but how do you know its chicken wing hmmm)

Cheese Balls

Amy ordered Pasta

While I ordered some Shanghai Salad (which actually both of us cannot finish, the meal at TGI is considered super big portion compared to the Ship)

She was busy answering phone calls. Well, its her fault, she send out fake sms to say she is leaving today. So if you were one of the people that receive the sms and believed it, April Fool to you too ha ha.

After that its movie time "Confessions of a shopaholic". Usually I am not into this kind of movie, but surprisingly that was a funny and nice movie ha ha. But I did tell her to unblock my nerve just in case I froze when watching the movie (luckily I did not ha ha)

After that went looking around for a green scarf but cannot find a suitable one. In the end by one purple scarf ha ha.

So Amy, this is farewell for now. Hope to see you again in 3 years time. I also feel sad cause Amy is one of the few persons than can understand me, sigh.

So farewell, the girl with the purple scarf. Hope I see you with blond hair and a tanned look when you come back ^^.


Amy said...

haha, onizuka yellow? woohoo. when i come back will sms you again. erm erm. won't change my number

frozeH said...

well...Any way,Amy good luck on ur study in Japan,and sir...u got me there...