Monday, April 27, 2009

Belly of the Beast

Finally finish my work. Now is semester break, so its time to review more Steven Seagal movie. ha ha.

Steven Seagal is Jack, a black ops agent working for the CIA in Thailand. He was involved in a shootout with drug dealers when his partner accidentally shot a bystander.

Negotiation, Steven Seagal style, I wish they teach this kind of communication skills here

Collateral Damage

I don't get this title. There is no belly and there is no beast in the movie =.=

Back in the US now, Jack do some sneaking into houses move to steal a secret document.

There should be a big hole on the floor where he lands, considering his size ^^

Sliding on the floor, you should see Jack Blart do it in the Mall cop movie, damn funny.

After all that action, thirsty so steal some mineral water from the fridge.

His daughter go to Thailand for a holiday..

Only to be captured by the Abu Karaf terrorist, I shit you not about the name =.=

So off Jack flew to Thailand again to save his daughter. This sound like Taken, only funnier when you watch this movie.

A reason why Taxi Driver should not point a gun to Steven Seagal

Fight at the market

Wing Chun?? Opps, wrong movie :P

Meeting an old CIA contact
His friend is now a monk

She is a man. More on her later
Meeting an Abu Karaf contact

Later Jack and his friend is staking out an Abu Karaf gun deal

The "girl" is here again. She is the assistant to a corrupt General

After the deal someone's about to shoot the Abu Karaf leader's head

So Jack shoot his with his gun. I dunno what gun he used, but I know only a few gun can make that shot, like the Single Shot Lone Eagle and the Wildey gun.

Cause he saved the leader's life, they negotiate and actually Abu Karaf did not kidnap Jack's daughter, its the old CIA contact and the General that did that (to get the US to wipe out their enemies)

So off they go to face the CIA contact, but Jack has to fight the "girl" first

I told you this is a guy

Another reason that you should not point a gun at Steven Seagal (or his friends)
So off they go to attack the General's hideout. Talk about job delegation..

His friends fight off a dozen soldiers with hummers and mounted machine guns

while he face ONE general with a bow..duhh

The general is losing so he uses black magic, remember the guy earlier

But Seagal has backup of his own, ha ha

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