Friday, May 1, 2009

RIP Sony Ericsson W810i

I was on leave from Wednesday until today so been busy here and there..

My phone was damaged last Wednesday and it cannot be used anymore. The irony is every time I want to do something good, something bad happens to me. hmmm. Maybe I should stop being too "good"..
My dead Sony Ericsson

What happened to it? I would say rain happened to it. Once Nokia and Siemens come up with waterproof handphones but it does not seem to sell that well at all, I wonder why?

Anyway I got a new phone, and it seems that my super old sim card cannot be detected by it. So off to get a new sim card at the Maxis center. As you know, Maxis is now selling the iPhone and it seems everyone wants one, so there was a long queue at the iPhone counter.

Personally I feel its a rip off cause you have to subscribe via contract for the line + you still have to pay for the phone =.= . And the model here I think is the old one. hmmm

And then one uncle came to the counter and ask the receptionist, how do I turn off the iPhone >.<. There's technology for you ha ha.

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