Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things to ponder...

Is Malaysia that safe. Duhh...
People say don't fight if you get robbed, but did the 5 years old fight. Hmmm. I am not a violent man but I do believe that you should be able to defend yourself. There are too many bad guys in this world..and these people deserve the death sentence for what they did.

One of my friend would say "Return to Religion". I have no problem with this statement, but do tell me in what era has "Religion" manage to quell bad people. I studied history before and I have never found that era. I might be wrong. Do mail to me if you can tell me what era is that? And the remember the Inquisition and the Salem Witch trial.

I still believe in the Latin motto - "Sie vis parcern, para bellum" If you want peace, prepare for war.

Which is where the Luger Parabellum gun got its name.


Anonymous said...

I won't offer up "return to religion" as solution to crime. But people need to "return to God" anyway, whether or not that will solve any crime problem. :-)

Bad things will always happen anyway, and we never know when we will suddenly meet our end (well, end on this earth anyway), so, the more pressing question is NOT how ready we are for those scums of humanity that might threaten our lives, but how ready we are to meet our Maker. :-D

Teoh Han Hui said...

@Anonymous: No one can be certain of what awaits you after death. A belief is just that, a belief. However strong your belief is it cannot be considered the ultimate truth (else there wouldn't be so many religions in this world). Living your life to the fullest seems like the best attitude.

Anonymous said...

"I cannot be sure, therefore I assume it does not exist."

How "logical". =.= That's what I don't understand about atheists.

Have you even tried searching for God?

Anyway, I did not find Him. He found me.

One of the most wonderful things about my God is that, while all other religions try to look for God (or even, to attain godhood), my God came to find me, and paid for my sins with His own life on the cross. How can I escape judgment if I deny a Father that so loved me?


One other thing: you cannot live your life to the "fullest" unless you know what is God's purpose for putting you one this earth. :-)

It's like trying to use a new invention without knowing what the inventor had created the thing for.

Without knowing God's purpose for your life, all you can do is "live your life to your fullest desires". And more often than not, you will end up satisfying your own selfish desires. I don't see any good in such attitude at all. (No personal offense intended.)


To SMS: sorry for doing this on your blog AGAIN. When will I learn to not respond to this chap? :-D

I'm a hopelessly hopeful guy, I guess...