Monday, May 11, 2009

The Zombie agenda

My brain was on overdrive again last night. I have 5 sets of exam questions to finish by this weekend, 3 of them are programming, I have people asking my help for assignments and I was extremely tired last night and the stupid line was acting up again. So my brain come up with another story in my dream for my entertainment. ha ha

I was in some sort of college facility, which look suspiciously like my old school. It was like a refuge for people from zombies, but the zombies are closing in so its time to escape the refuge. I had with me one backpack with 3 bottles of drinking water, first aid kit, some canned food. On my belt are my 2 big knives and 2 folders with carrying pouch. How come my dream so detailed when it comes to my weapons. And I was wearing my jeans, hooded sweater and timberland boots..

So we divided into 3 teams to escape, this time the place has become like a suspiciously hospital environment. The first team decided to crash through the front door with a vehicle and escape, the second team escaped through the sewer. My team, no, instead of escaping, the leader wanted to find the "zombie cafe" and went to the basement. Of course, they found it was killed by zombies, except me who escaped via a fire escape. ha ha.

Then it was raining and i was walking on the road with my hooded jacket. I think the soundtrack was "The lonely man", the music of the classic Incredible Hulk show. Dispatched a few zombies that came my way, and met another survivor. We came to a store with some supplies. The other person was taking too much time collecting supplies until the zombies come and attack again.

Then I woke up and the clock was showing 3.00 am. Tried to sleep again and continue my dream but cannot >.<

Maybe today will get weirder dream..ha ha

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