Monday, May 25, 2009

Vote for my Fate

Should I look for a job as

1. A software designer

2. A lecturer at another college

3. A writer

Please give me feedback so I can act... ha ha


asma said...

software designer

dkiDcLoud said...

another vote for software designer

LadyTika said...

The designer, sir. In my opinion,That suits you the best..
Additional comment:
be a writer as part time job hehehe and when you have spare time..give a free lecture.. ^0^

cinanmoroll said...

do everything part time. that's life. not lecturer,

maple said...

software designer hehe!

Anonymous said...

I agree with cinanmoroll. Go fully part-time, like me. He-he. :-p

One of my course-mates started out as a freelance software designer/programmer, and he did so well there, he handed over his part-time translation business to me (that's how I started, in a sense; but of course you have heard how the first job came because I asked God for some money for a new desktop - I needed 3K, and the next day this friend called to offer a job worth 3K). He now co-owns a software company with a couple of friends.

Anyway, the point is, I agree with cinanmoroll. Go freelance. :-D