Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random thoughts for today

I just finished marking the exam scripts. Is it good, is it bad, you will find out soon enough. Anyway its just an exam, and the result corresponds to your effort anyway. If you fail, put more effort and try again..

Once someone told me "Ignorance is bliss". Is it true? Is it true the more you know, the more troubled you are? I believe its true to certain extend. But you cannot be an ostrich that hides your head underground when there is trouble. In the world that we are living in, that is not realistic. Face up to the problem..

Hmm, my CK One Summer is gonna run out soon. I guess I need to buy a new perfume soon. Been reading some magazine and it seems that one brand is highly recommended. Not that I can
pronounce its name ha ha.L'eau D'issey (Issey Miyake) Cologne (have to go SaSa and ask ha ha)

Talking about random jokes, here's one.
Two snakes were lazing on a field when one asked the other "Dude, are we poisonous snakes?"
The other snake said "I dunno, why do you ask?"
"Well, I just accidentally bit my tongue" replied the first snake.

Another lame joke.
3 men were discussing which bar was the best.
The first one said "The bar that I go to gives the third drink free after you buy 2 drinks"
The second guy said "The bar that I go has hot babes"
The third guy said "I know a bar where you go, they will buy you free drinks then you get laid"
The two other guys ask "Really?"
The third guy said "I never been there yet, but my sister always go there"

The Topman in Gurney is finally opened, and they have the gray suit that I saw in Topman UK website, but its 500 something

I plan to get one just in case I had to commandeer a Taxi and go on a killing spree. That's Collateral for you if you dont get it duhh

Feel like buying another shirt today ha ha....

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YeeWei said...

haha..sir,buy POLO's perfume lar..nicer..haha