Monday, April 27, 2009

Lucky? Protection from God? Crazy?

Last Saturday I went back to my hometown. On the bridge, my bike engine misfired and it seems to lose power for a while. After that it was working fine again as long as I don't go up to 80 km/h.

To reach my hometown, you have to use the highway and one of a biker's great fear is that your bike broke down or had a flat tire in a God forsaken place with no help. Reached my hometown safely.

When I want to go back on Sunday, it seems that my bike is acting up again and I said "If you wanna break down, break down before I entered the highway" and it did. Had to push it to the mechanic shop and they traced the problem to the faulty coil cover. FYI the coil is an important part of the bike and it its spoil, there will be no power to your bike and the bike cannot move.

Actually the EX5 has a good reputation, it only breaks down if there is problem in the electric component, or you have a flat tire. But that's another story ha ha.

I had a certain fondness to my bike and even though there are new models, I cannot find one that can match my bike, sigh. That's nostalgic for you.

On the bright side, I saw one bike advertisement yesterday. Its called Suzuki Belang 150. Belang??? Duhh, in Malay it means stripe literally. Or if you say "Tunjuk Belang" it means "Show Your Stripes (manliness/macho??).

It looks like Honda Hurricane, now that's one crazy bike, I think once they did a test, it can go up to 130km/h. But its not so comfortable to ride due to its low structure. I ridden one at my uni ok.

So brings us to the question, bike or car?

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Dumbo, the Sojourning Elephant said...

A pickup with a motorbike loaded at the back.

During crazy jam, just stop the car somewhere relatively secure, lock it (hey, install one of those satellite tracking anti-theft thingy), unload the bike, and go. Come back to pick up the pickup later (pun fully intended).

Good idea? :-)