Monday, April 20, 2009

Well, I'm not a crook

Richard Nixon said that during the Watergate scandal.

Now I wanna say that after the Java Final Exam and before your result comes out..

The Java Exam was on Saturday and after that there was Open Day (again =.=)

That night was marking paper, the knife is for decoration only. I usually have a knife close to me when I am at home, and I do have a few knives.

Then the whole Sunday go walk around, only night mark paper.

Go office on Monday. See got stigmata on my hand ha ha.

Now the result has been submitted, some people will be happy and some people will cry.

So I just wanna say :-

1. Ask yourself, what have you done for the subject. Did you study or just copy other people's assignments and labs? If you did, do you think you put enough effort? Are you qualified to pass?

2. Did you just hope that the lecturer will just pity you, without you doing any effort?

So if you fail, well, I am not a crook.

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