Monday, February 22, 2010

Slave Maker Review

This is an old game, and I had made a previous mini review, but I am totally pissed after marking some test papers, so I decided to make a more comprehensive review.

Easy mode - no problems, normal mode - a bit of problem like slave will run away if too tired (around 20%), hard mode - you are screwed, all the girl stats are super low.

There are 2 important buttons, Action and Planning. Action is for buying stuff like dress or go to the shops or walk around.

The dress is important to increase the stats, but you need $$$ to buy the dress.

You can set the rules for your slave.

There are two kinds of activity, day activity (3) and night activity (3).

The activities on the left are free, in the middle cost 50 gold and on the right will gain you money. Don't forget the break if the tiredness is high, otherwise your slave will fall sick or run away.

Certain activity increase certain stats, while decreasing certain stats. For example, if you ask her to practice make-up, it will lower then intelligence. Don't look at me, I did not design this game ok. Stats in red are decreasing.

Sometimes, a traveling salesman will sell you stuff that will aid you so make sure you have some money.

Warning, don't get the Nymphomania stats too high, otherwise you will get the same ending no matter what are the other stats.

Have some money to bribe people too.

Some of the ending does not really make sense.

Nymphomania 0 how can be sex addict????

Morality and Refinement so high get this ending???

Unfortunately the developer lost all his work when his pc crashed and now he is busy with his sim brothel project, so there is no more update to this game.

Who says gamers are just mindless people, there is an effort to reverse engineer the game and modify the codes.


Anonymous said...

You should take a look at

Anonymous said...

sadly slavemaker3 sucks because of shitty gameplay

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll weigh in as well. I like the game enough, but there are a few pitfalls. Firstly, temperement is the enemy. Try not to be in a hurry to get results. Every time she says no, it goes up. FAST. And it takes forever, if ever, to go back down. Secondly, unless you have "Bad ends" turned off, go easy on the anti-inhibition potion. 3 doses, and she's dead. Or at least she'll be wishing that she was after she wakes up... Thirdly, if you're running Mac OS, don't count on being able to save the game. They need to figure out a way to crate a standard save game protocol that stores it as an actual file. If you alter or upgrade Flash, kiss it goodbye. Lastly, it would be nice to have an easy-to-use program to create new slaves (or expand upon the old ones) or add new situations.
Well, that's My rant. :-P