Saturday, February 6, 2010


Finally I have time to do this review. I was busy these few days and last night, I tried to change my light and it was stuck. I nearly broke it in half but someone advised me to try use WD40 and it works.

Yojimbo is an Akira Kurosawa movie. It has an unofficial western version "A fistful of dollar", starring Clint Eastwood, and the official version, "Last man standing" starring Bruce Willis but nothing beats the original.

A samurai wanders the country to make a living after the fall of the Shogunate.
He comes across a father and son arguing because the son wants to join a gang to get rich.

Our hero arrives at the town.

Not a good sign when this is the first thing you see.

He was introduced to the town by a corrupt officer trying to make some money.

As you noticed, our hero does not have a name, this started "the man with no name" craze in the western movie, especially Clint Eastwood movies, Maybe I will do a review if I can find any Eastwood movie.

The samurai befriended a tavern owner..

The samurai offered his services to Seibei and shows his skill by attacking Ushitora's men.

So Seibei offered him for his services...

Only to plan to betray him after they won, but the samurai was eavesdropping...

He gets half payment first.

One of the follower, the fencing teacher was upset with the amount of money that he gets. This is true in real life working environment too =.=

So he decided to change job, ahem, I mean ran away before the fight..

And our hero pulled out just before the fight...

Which leads to a we want to fight but don't really dare to fight scene...

Lucky for them suddenly an officer was coming to the town for a visit. So there was a truce, and both sides plus the mayor was busy bribing the officer.

Both sides trying to win the samurai's service. Ushitora reveals the officer is going to leave tomorrow.

After the official left, the two sides holds a truce, initiated by one of Ushitora brother, who has a gun.

So the samurai stirred up things by catching Ushitora's men that killed an official and gave them to Seibei.

Then he told Ushitora that the men were captured by Seibei, who responded by catching Seibei's son.

So both sided have hostages and there was a trade off. Both of Ushitora's men were shot by his brother, but Seibei had another hostage, a woman who one of the bosses likes.

The woman had a husband and son but the husband lost her while gambling.

The samurai attacked the house where the woman is kept, killed all the guards and released her. He asked them to leave town immediatedly.

I always get in trouble when doing good things. The samurai's secret was revealed by a thank you note by the husband and he was beaten up by Ushitora's men to find where the woman was. He managed to escape and was helped by the tavern keeper.

In the meanwhile Ushitora wiped out Seibei's gang.

The samurai was resting and healing his injuries, but when the tavernkeeper was caught, it's time to fight.

This is the son that fought with the father at the beginning...


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Javin said...

Silly husband go and write the thank you note and caused the hero to kena tortured.

Funniest part was how the hero escaped from his prison: by hiding inside a huge trunk then the two silly fellas thought he escaped...

Then the tavern owner used the enemy's henchman to help carry the hero to safety. OMG, it was seriously funny.

Final part of fighting was amazing. Even though it was a bit slow but I can feel the tension when the original Man With No Name walked towards his adversaries. Amazing.

By the way, I think I have the Good, the Bad and the Ugly which is the third part of the Man With No Name trilogy of the West. Lemme find and see.