Thursday, February 25, 2010

A farewell, a return, a fishy story and Miss Chief

Today is Anwar's last day at the college. Wish him all the best with his new job. Took a farewell picture with him (photographer: Weilin)

First Attempt: She was fumbling with my camera, as I moved forward to help, she press the shot button, the result =.=

Second Attempt: People not ready yet. See Anwar's blur face ^^

Finally she got it right..ha ha

My Guess watch is back in action, but it cost me over RM200 to repair it. Actually the whole gear mechanism has been replaced, so feels like old car with new engine. So now got one classic watch and one automatic watch.

Had salmon sashimi for dinner tonight. Its wonderful..

Was in Jusco buying supplies, when I saw this bottle, cute right?