Friday, February 12, 2010

Another show

I was at Queensbay on Wednesday evening, and last night I was there too. OD on coffee beans for two days. So what the heck, tonight I was there again just to walk around and breath the air of festivity, since Chinese New Year is just 1 day away.

I was playing House of the Dead 4, then some kid joined me, and surprisingly, both of us managed to reach stage 5 out of 6. Not bad, more practice and I bet I can finish the game with two tokens.

Actually I was there to buy a pants since my pants are getting old, but there were too many people shopping that I decided to postpone buying it until after CNY, hopefully they still have my size then.

There was another show tonight..

An ok show, but I was getting kinda sleepy until...

Basic instinct??

Not sleepy anymore =.=

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Javin said...

Hahaha, Basic Instinct.