Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A day with no pictures

I am still on leave for Chinese New Year, but back in Penang to settle a few things, and considering whether I wanna go to the open house this Friday. Lets see how many people go first.

Had my lunch at a nasi kandar stall this afternoon. Don't you hate it when you tried calling a waiter to order drinks and it seems that they are busy standing around? That happened to me this afternoon, felt like kicking the table upside down, but I am not a violent guy (not really). Once I saw "almost" a fight because of this slow services. I never scold people, but once was tempted to run away after calling the bill for a few times, but it never came. Remember, good service is very important, just because you are popular and has a lot of customer, it does not mean that it will last forever.

Long long ago, when I was still studying at USM, there was a restaurant called "Suri". In the beginning it was very popular with students and almost every night, we go and eat there. But I guess because business was so good, they started to get cocky and the order started to get slower and slower. And this reputation was known to all USM students after a while. Now there is no more restaurant there. You want to know where it is? Its the same row as KFC in Sungai Dua.

After lunch, I thought I want to get a haircut. Since my hair stylist moved to Batu Maung, its damn troublesome to cut my hair, maybe I should find a new hair stylist..ha ha. The weather was too hot so I decided to take a detour to Queensbay first.

There were a lot of people there. The problem with me is when I walked, I am in deep thought, and when someone says hi, I just reply back. There are many instances that I asked myself, "who was that?". Hey, I have hundreds and hundreds of students from psdc, wawasan open uni and inti, so please forgive me if I cannot remember who you are.

I was practicing "House of the Dead 4" at the arcade again. One girl that was playing next to me keep screaming when the zombies came out. For God sake, if you are afraid, please don't play the game. Like in real zombie movies, bad things happen when you are distracted while fighting the hordes of zombies. If it was real life, I would shoot her first so I can concentrate in fighting the zombies after that.

I am not against girl fighting zombies, I wouldn't mind Alice from Resident Evil..

Or Onechanbara from Japan...ha ha

My point is I prefer women who can take care of themselves, ahem, how did we end up with this topic, back to my thought..ha ha.

The arcade was super full today. I guess the kids were rich with their ang pow from CNY, so there were a lot of them. Feels like I was in a club =.=

After a few rounds (it saddens me that these kids wasting their money, I mean they can really shoot and die like in 2 minutes, me and some of the people I know, we can finish the game in one round), I decided to go to Borders and I saw a book "How to be a vampire for the newly undead". Gosh, they are taking this Twilight thingy too seriously >.< . At least zombies cannot make girls pregnant :P. Maybe I should write "How to be a zombie", I did not add "for dummies" cause there is already a book "Zombies for dummies" ^^ Actually the main reason I went to QB is I want to buy new pants, but in the end still deciding. Hope can make up mind tomorrow. Time to go back and it was raining, after all the hot weather, some rain is welcomed. I thought it was gonna be heavy but in the end its not too heavy. Hopefully more rain will come soon.

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