Thursday, March 27, 2008

18 Palm Malay translated

I think the translation to Malay also not bad

利涉大川 / 利涉大川 ( It is a good time to cross the Great River)

時乘六龍 / 时乘六龙 ( Occasionally riding on Six Dragons)

飛龍在天 / 飞龙在天 ( Flying dragon in the sky)

履霜冰至 / 履霜冰至 ( When you step on frost, know that a great snow storm is coming)

Yes, the order i put is wrong, the 18th palm is 震驚百里 / 震惊百里 ( Far-Reaching Shock)

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Jwo-Haur said...

Look at all the destructions.

No wonder historical buildings are so hard to come by. =.=