Thursday, March 13, 2008

College of the Dead Part 6

As X was running towards the exam hall, backup have just arrived in the form of S and two bags of weapons.

S took out 2 MP5, sling the 2 duffel bags on the back and ran after X.

X ran around a corner and the way was blocked by 10 zombies. He jumped and decapitated one of the zombies and kicked the second one away. 3 zombies which were nearby dashed toward X.

Three shots rang out and the heads of the 3 zombies exploded. S has just shot the zombies with the MP5. S threw an MP5 towards X, who caught it in mid air and dispatched the remaining 6 zombies by blowing their heads off. (Did I count correctly this time ? ^^V)

S reload the MP5 while X covered, looking for stray zombies.

Then S and X ran side by side towards the exam hall, mowing down any zombies they see attacking students.

"Hurry, follow us if you want to live"

They reached the exam hall "Get Ready" said X to S.

Suddenly the door burst and a zombie fall backwards with 3 pencils stuck to the throat. The boss has dispatched all the zombies in the exam hall with pencils.

"All of you go into the exam hall while we cover you" said X to the students following them.

As the last students entered the exam hall, X and S went inside and locked the door.

"Here, you might need this " X passed an AK 47 with 3 clips to the Boss.

"S, status report"

S took out a PDA and looked at the screen.

"There are approximately 100 zombies surrounding the college. The source of the contamination is located near the football field. The man hole there".

"Dammit, someone have to go down and stop the source of the contamination, while others save the people still attacked by zombies" said X.

"S, you come with me" said X

"And you get another person to help you save the survivor" said X to the Boss as he passed another AK to the Boss.

"Lets roll"

to be continued ..

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Jwo-Haur said...

The boss was definitely cooler with the pencils than with two AK47s. :-(

Personally, I prefer the idea of carrying two "Uzis". I was introduced to this submachine gun by Lara (of course THAT Lara. How many other Laras carry herself so well with such deadly weapons?) and the idea that "babes with twin Uzis are cool" got stuck stubbornly somewhere in my head. :-)