Monday, March 3, 2008

I know what I did today

Today I was on leave because I was sick, sick of work =.=

So since I took leave, i decided to Gurney for a bit or relaxation. I have not been to Gurney for ages.

First thing I saw there was a guard pumping his shotgun, testing it. Dude, make sure the gun is empty before you do that, don't want anymore accidental shooting ok =.=

Then off to breakfast, Coffee Beans, have not eaten there for ages. Last time I was there was to teach Pamela, so Pam, if you are reading this, here's to you ^^. Had Break o Day, toast, salad, scrambled egg and sausages plus black coffee. Really got feeling when you eat and listen to "I did it my way" by Frank Sinatra.

Then off to shopping, first stop Dockers, why must all the salesperson follow you just as you enter the shop? T.T

Than off to Esprit, from my experience, I do not know what the salesperson in Esprit do, they are never around. Saw one pants, it says, buy second pants 50% off. I wanted to ask, 50% out of total price or 50% out of second pants, but no one around. sigh.

So off to Guess shop. They have this cool pants which is selling at 50% off, original price 399, size. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Then off to Seed, i don't know why I always go there, cause I never buy Seed brand. I know someone who does la ^^. Not bad their sales but not my taste...

After Seed, Adidas, the color silver sneakers not bad at all....hmm.

Than I saw one Wild Channel shirt "Pressure is my Pleasure", cool, but i prefer the Topman one "Burnt Out" ha ha

Went to the cinema but dont see any movie that I like so give it a pass.

Then had lunch, tomato rice + beef + potato. Ha, this one got picture.
Then I went to Levis to look for jeans, but I think I want my Evisu soon ^^

In the end, just buy a Dockers, hey I need pants, all my old pants are loose already.
A meaningful day away from office ......


Dumbo said...

So, "a meaningful day" = expensive breakfast + fattening lunch (no wonder no size) + tiresome stroll all over the mall + hundreds spent on a DARK BLUE dockers that looks like what factory machinists wear?

I'll pass... :-)

SMS said...

Morale was low so I have to buy something.And only size 30 left ok =.="