Sunday, March 2, 2008

Secret Kung Fu

If any of you watch classic kung fu movie, sometimes the Master will leave his palm and legs imprint on the wall and floor of the cave so the student can follow and learn the steps.

Then that day I saw some footprints on a chair, hmm is it secret kung fu?????
Then I looked up
Cheh, people plucking coconut again. Why the hell you put the switch sooooo high ha?

I thought can learn kung fu, but I dont think I wanna learn Tai Chi =.=


Anonymous said...

The same reason why they put those routers (are those routers?) up there; it's better than putting a sign: Don't touch (which will make people want to mess with it more). But somehow, there will always be "tangan gatal". Sigh.

SMS said...

I have no problem with the router so high. the problem is they keep on off the switch every day. So why put the switch so high. You put it high if you want to permanently on it. =.=