Friday, February 29, 2008

Planet Terror

Today I was pissed off, so I went to my old playground BJ complex. Visiting my old DVD Taukeh, thank God he stopped offering me 5 stars DVD already. :P

Then I saw 1 DVD, Planet Terror, directed by Robert Rodriguez. For those people who do not know, Robert Rodriguez is the brother of Quinten Tarantino, famous for his Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown movie.

Knowing that guy, I bought the DVD knowing how good it will be. And I did not regret it. Love the movie. I will not give out the storyline but its about Zombie (again =.=)

Here is a scene from the movie
She lost a leg to the zombies and it was replaced by a rifle (I think Colt Commando) and grenade launcher.
Confronting the Evil Boss. Cool Eh?

If you think its a cheap or B Grade movie, does this guy look familiar?

NOT COMING to a cinema near you soon, so look for the DVD. :P


truthzz said...

sweat =.=

Anonymous said...

Isn't that military bloke that balding dude with that irksome smirk? The I'm-tired-of-this-******-**-life look that's constantly on his face was fine for the first few movies, but that got old like, decades ago. The chap should have stopped acting after the second Diehard, and then come out from retirement to do Sixth Sense before vanishing back into oblivion.

I hope the zombies got to him in this film.

Jwo-Haur said...

A gun-for-leg femme-fatale?

And I thought Quentin was the only disturbed one in the family. :-p

SMS said...

Yes, its Bruce Willis folks.

Sorry, the zombies did not get him but those guys in pic 2 got him.

FYI, i think Robert Rodrigues is the director for the original "From Dusk to Dawn" movie. So he is also sick already :P

In the end, the girl swapped her M16 Colt Commando leg with a Minigun :D. A minigun is those multi barrel spinning gun attached to helicopters. or used by a certain governor to hunt the predator. Im talking Jesse Ventura ok =.= not the OTHER governor, Arnold What's his name