Monday, February 11, 2008

Dream car.......still dreaming zzzzzzz

This is my dream car, a Ford Mustang. Before I go into that here is the background story.

I live in a country called BolehLand(Malaysia actually but we have the slogan Malaysia Boleh). Things are relatively cheap here, according to our politicians. Really cheap compared to other country. Like our car, its like rm43000, standard price compared to this Ford Mustang, starting usd19000. T.T

Wait a minute, if you do currency conversion thats fair right? Ask any economist, that's like comparing apples in oranges.

If you go to Topshop in uk, for 97 pounds you can get 9 items including shoes, coats, the stuff.
Give you RM97 here, i think you can get only a shirt and pants. But I'm ranting here, please excuse me.

Back to the story, if you want anything close to that here, you can buy a 1983 Toyota Celica.

So excuse me while I go back dreaming and get one of these Honda CBR 150.

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Jwo-Haur said...

Well, it takes more than dreaming to get that car:
First, there's the saving part, at least for the down payment;
then there's the getting the loan from a reputable bank with considerably low interest rate;
finally, suck it up for the next 5 to 7 years as you deprive yourself other minor daily luxuries to pay the exorbitant monthly installments.

Enjoy the ride (or, should I say, enjoy being taken for a ride by the policy-makers and bankers??)

I was going to comment anonymously as "a friend who thought your dream car was Ford Ranger", but anonymity is not allowed, and I noticed that I have been automatically identified (I'm currently logged in to my Gmail account). Sheesh.