Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lesson I learned during Valentine

Now I am sick, maybe cause of Valentine virus.

Listed here are the things I learned from Valentine..

1. Valentine makes men go crazy, most of them will wear pink shirt while on other day they will never wear pink. Who is their adviser, Queer Eye for straight guy?????

2. Contrary to J. Lo song "Love does not cost a thing", flowers (Roses) are damn expensive during V day. Double the normal price. Can you give hibiscus (bunga raya) next year?

3. Don't go watch movie during Valentine if you are alone. You will be surrounded by couples. Sien (I wanna watch Jumper but not today =.=, later wanna watch movie see "free movie" also)

4. Last year, first there was a Valentine Day sales, after that they have Baby Product sales. See a pattern there? Use protection =.=

5. Surviving Valentine is like surviving a zombie movie where every zombie is out to get you. Just lock yourself in a room n wait until its over.

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