Wednesday, March 5, 2008

College of the Dead Part 2

Then suddenly you see a lecturer walking from far. Zoom to his timberland boots and leather jacket. Its lecturer X walking and he is carrying the exam papers. Effect: Slow motion movement like "A Better Tomorrow" scene. He is carrying the exam questions.

As he passed by, he greeted his Boss who is a martial arts expert. A rat ran past both of them. the Boss threw a pencil, impaling the rat. "That's a Cool trick" Lecturer X said."Would you be interested in getting a knife?". The Boss said "Nah, i prefer to kill with my hand". Then Lecturer X said "Maybe one day" and walked away to the exam hall.

Next Scene:
Now the students are dong the exam. the one student raised his hand and said "I wanna go Toilet". The student goes to the toilet, looking for the piece of notes he hid in there. Suddenly we go to a third person POV (Point of View). The unknown person sees the world in red color.

The student found his hidden notes, but its soaked with read gooey unknown stuff. Then he saw a hole in the wall in the toilet. He was curious and saw more red gooey stuff around the hole. What did he do? He put his hand in the hole. First nothing happened, then suddenly his hand got ripped off at the socked. Blood sprayed all around the toilet. The stumbled backwards, zoom to his stomach, suddenly, a hand goes through his stomach, pulling his intestines. Its the zombie that was following him just now.

The invasion of the zombies has just started. Where did the zombie come from and what do they want? Who will survive and who will die? Who can stop the zombies????

To be continued....


truthzz said...

maybe I... hahaha

-:cLouD*:- said...

diz episode not bad lol~

Anonymous said...

I correct myself about the "blood-spurting corpses of blond babes".

Your taste is more towards "blond-babe-turned-zombie dragging her entrails around blood drenched campus".

Or do you prefer it to be a brunette? :-)

Allow me to suggest your next script: "Blondie Zombie". Catchy eh?