Friday, March 21, 2008

Love Flower

This is from the story "The Condor Hero" shén diāo xiá lǚi

In the novel, there is a flower called the Love Flower which although beautiful, has hidden thorns. The thorns are very poisonous and it could be fatal if pricked by even one of them. Upon any thoughts of love, the victim would be hurt by the poison.


Anonymous said...

The antidote is to live peacefully and quietly in a secluded place away from human contact and eat nothing but pure honey for years on end.

Come to think of it, that would also "cure" you of the desire for life. :-)

Why the sudden talk about this "love flower" thingy? Anything that Dr. Love here can help you with? ;-p

SMS said...

Everyday i go work feel like kena poison =.=|||

Maybe I "love" my work too much. sigh

Jwo-Haur said...

Ah... the solution is simple: quit the job. :-)

Talking about honey... I just finished a translation about Tualang Honey, with wild claims about its curative properties (it's practically a cure for every chronic disease you can think of!). There is no longer any doubt: Xiao Long Nü stayed somewhere in Kedah's forest while recovering from the poison, and ate nothing but Tualang Honey.

Dumbo said...

Talking about LOVE, I just posted a mushy love story (completely fictitious, of course) based on a wildly improbable sketch I made some years ago. Care to have a look? :-)

By the way, when's your next episode of undead carnage?