Sunday, March 9, 2008

College of the Dead part 4

The zombies have attacked the college, the mysterious men in black have send their unit to stop the attack and notified their agents at the college.

A few hundred years ago,in the 1800s.

We are at sea, we see two ships sailing in the sea, braving a storm and lightning. Then we see the names of the ship "The Enterprise" and the next one is "The 1000 years Falcon". The ships drop anchors near an island. Then we see 10 persons in white robes rowing towards the island.

The 10 person reached the beaches and start pulling their boats to the beach. They started walking to the beach, suddenly a wolf like animal jumped out of the bushes and lunged at the leader of the group. Calmly he dodged the animal, pulled out his repeating crossbow and shot the animal.

"Stay alert men, were are close to the Fountain of Youth and Eternal Life. You do not want to be killed as we are so close" The Leader commanded.

The men walked cautiously through the jungle. We see red eyes watching them from above and the bushed behind. The white robed men took out their swords and bows and continued walking through the jungle.

They reach a stair that goes up a hill and then to a door. On the door is written "Whoever wish to pass must know the secret password".

One of the men tried to push the door using his hand. Suddenly he screamed, a light beamed from the door and on him. He turned into the zombie and started to attack the others.

"Watch out" screamed the Leader.

Two of the men were a bit slow in avoiding the attack and were disemboweled and their intestines fall to the ground. The others were horrified and started to back away. The leader dashed forward with his sword and stabbed the zombie through the head.

"Aren't you afraid?" asked the others.

"Well, Its a good day to die" said the leader.

Suddenly the door buzzed and then it opened. That was the password.

The leader and his remaining men walked through the door and found a fountain. There was a tome beside the fountain.

"Let me read the tome first" said the leader but the men are impatient and drank the water.

"Let it be known, that whoever drink the water will live forever, even after his death. They will be awaken once in 200 years to feast on living flesh and then sleep again. But be warned, if you have bad intentions, you will die immediately and become one of the living dead. There are 666 sources of this water around the world"

"Wait, do not drink the water" but the leader was too late, he was surrounded by zombies

The leader quickly took out his sword and killed two of the attacking zombies, but there are 5 more left. One of the zombies lunged forward, and managed to hit the leader's hand with a sword. The leader kicked the zombie away and decided to flee. He grabbed the tome by the fountain.

He ran and ran through the jungle and the 5 remaining zombies chased him from behind. He reached a cliff and decided to jump off the cliff. He fell into a black tar pool and managed to pull himself out from the pool by grabbing a vine. His white robe is now black in color.

Using his black robe as cover, he managed to elude the zombies and get back to the ship.

"I swear that I will stop the zombie menace one day, and I will find my successor if i shall die" as he stood at the stern of the ship, his black robe fluttering in the wind.

Thus the leader was the first men in black.

to be continued ..


Anonymous said...

Men do not become zombies by drinking from unidentified fountains (magical or viral).

Zombies are produced by clueless education system, and later recruited en mass by corrupt political parties to become those blindly following throngs. ;-p

Anyway, you got it right that this would happen in a college...

-:cLouD*:- said...

hmph..there shud be 4 remaining zombiez la.. u see.. there were 10 men initially, including the leader, then 1 of em was turned into a zombie when he was attacked by the unknown light and murdered 2 of the uninfected ones.. then the leader killed him and now left 7 of em, including the leader in total..later on,everyone except the leader drank the water n turned into zombies.. the leader were managed to kill 2 of the zombies n so now only left 4 zombies lar..

Jwo-Haur said...

Ah, but forgive him. Our friend is not getting any younger.

That explains why he included the element of the fountain of youth...

Jwo-Haur said...

Say, is -:cLouD*:- the "smart student" in this story?

SMS said...

Just consider a B Grade movie. A revolver with 6 bullets can be shot 20 times without the hero having to reload it :P, so who's counting the zombies ..

Oi, don't start any problem ok my blog ok. The smart student is for me to know only :P. Wanna die ar?