Thursday, March 6, 2008

College of the Dead Part 3

The zombies have just attacked the college.

Change scene to a satellite in space, the satellite is receiving a signal. Then zoom to the earth, zoom down to the Bermuda Triangle, then to an island in the middle of the sea, then to a secret military base.

Here, you see the operators monitoring various screens, showing various events going around the world. On one screen shows "30 seconds to mars concert", on another "George Bush putting on his Osama mask" and the next screen "John Rambo shooting fish". The Commander is at his seat, smoking a big cigar. On his table a Desert Eagle lays and a picture of him and Elvis.

All the people are wearing black suits and sun glasses. They are the famed "Men in Black".

Suddenly and alarm goes off. The operator says "Sir, we have a contamination at grid 55, sector 2, coordinate 666N 666W, the zombies are loose".

The Commander gives a heavy sigh "There goes my day. How bad is the situation, operator?"

"Total contamination in 3 hours sir" replied the operator.

"Assemble the response unit ASAP. How long will it take for us to reach that sector" the commander ask.

"2 and a half hours, sir"

"This day keeps getting better and better" sigh the Commander.

"Contact our agents there first, they need to act and hold off the zombies while we are on the way"

The operator pushed a P (panic) button on the screen immediately.

Halfway around the world..

Lecturer X is walking around the exam hall. Suddenly his watch blinks a bright red light.

Meanwhile, the smart student is sleeping, the the watch also blinks a bright red light..

The phone rang, the smart student picks it up "Its me, you got the signal too right? We have a situation here, I need your help, bring lotsa weapon immediately"

to be continued ....


Anonymous said...

Instead of MIB, you should have made Lecturer X and his smart student the Sang Kelawar and Budak Murai. LOL

I mean, why don boring black suits if you can wear your undies on the outside, right? Ka-ka-ka...

maple said...

This is CooL! It just keeps getting better and better ...

-:cLouD*:- said...

interesting! add oil add oil! lookin forward to the 4th episode *u noe wic emoticon im gonna put lol*