Wednesday, March 26, 2008

College of the Dead part 9

A zombie rushed towards X and S...

X stabbed the zombie with his two balisongs, while S chopped off the legs of the zombies attacking them..

Another zombie rushed towards X. X stopped it in its track by stabbing the neck with one knife and stabbing the shoulder with another. The hand of the zombie fell off.

"You need a hand, S?"

"Ha ha, very funny"

In the middle of fighting the zombies, suddenly the ground shook.

A Huge zombie is heading this way, and its as big as an elephant. Its carrying a huge mace in its hand and had chains around the neck and arms..

"Here comes the level one monster boss" said X..

S took out the PDA and did an analysis on the monster.

"That zombie is type Fool..weakness point the head"

"Wonderful, why can't the weakness point be somewhere where its easy to reach" sighed X.

The monster swung the big chain towards X and S, X dived to the right while S dived to the left. The chain hit a huge rock which shatters to pieces.

X threw one of the balisongs towards the monster's head, which hit it in the eyes..

The monster swung the chain towards S, who blocked it with the katana. The chain was stuck to the sword, so S stabbed the sword to a rock, holding the chain in place.

Now the monster is stuck and cannot move..

"S, here" as X threw the machete towards S. S grabbed the machete and stabbed the monster on the leg.

X threw the second balisong towards the monster, which hit it on the back of the neck. The monster screamed and pulled the balisong out of its eyes and threw it to the ground.

The monster swung the mace towards S who blocked it with the machete. The impact was so great that the machete flew off. S fell backwards and the monster swung the mace again.

"S" as X lunged forward and hit the monster with his open palm.

The monster fell backwards and hit the wall. The impact was so great that it broke the chain around the monster's neck. The monster got up and flee to the inner cave.

"Hey, I want my knife back" yelled X to the monster. "You ok S?" as he pulled S up.

"Thanks, that move you hit the monster with, I have seen it before. That's one of the 18 styles of the Dragon Slaying Palm right?

to be continued ..

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Jwo-Haur said...

There you go, spoiling a perfectly good katana... rocks and swords don't go well together... :-(

Unless it's made from indestructible alien materials found in a meteorite that hit the earth two hundred years ago? :-)