Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lost in translation

The stuff at my house is totally finished, no mineral water, no shampoo, no soap, so after breaking fast today, I decided to go to tesco extra around 8 something. Outside there was a beautiful full moon accompanied by a lone star. Its nearing the middle of the fasting month, so we have full moon. I tried to take a picture but my camera is not good enough to do justice to it..

So life is just like my camera, sometimes it cannot truly show how beautiful things are, it is lost in translation.

If you have a loved one, when is the last time you say you love them, or you assume that they already know, and there is no point in say it.

If a person never complains, why give him more reason to complains..

"I really enjoyed doing this" - translated "Fuck You All"...


Alexis Lee said...

lol.. deep but i like it!

Anonymous said...

go for it!!