Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tokyo Species Review

I know I have not made a review since like 6 months, so I think its time to start making reviews again. I have gotten my claw on the movie "Tokyo Species" starring Maria Ozawa.

When I heard of it, I thought it would be great like Sora Aoi's Big Tits Zombie. but upon viewing it, I found that the movie lacked the fun and blood that I loved in Japanese movie. So there you heard me, if you want to see Maria Ozawa, get some

The story is simple, Maria killed herself and her body got possessed by an alien and she started killing all the people that bullied her. Her good friend and an alien hunter joined up to stop Maria, in the end they managed to stop Maria but the alien eggs are still around. End of story. lol. Sorry folks, I really tried to like it but at 1 hour 10 minutes, it lacks the blood and fun of Big Tits Zombie.

I LOVE Japanese school uniform.
I LOVE Japanese school uniform (is there an echo here?)
This guy is so dead..
I have seen this expression somewhere before :P
Talk about being penetrated =.=
Alien Hunter.
Of all the place, you put the gun there, some more just using a derringer to hunt a dangerous alien?
This is the best action in the movie, not enough blood =.=
Alien eggs

This would be a great scene if it was continued.

You have to see it yourself to see whether its your taste or not.


Anonymous said...

Alien eggs look more like fishballs lol...maria ozawa looks great here.thats all thats good lol

Anonymous said...

Pls sequel with raping male aliens and gory alien births

Anonymous said...

she should of laid much bigger eggs