Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Samurai Princess

I just obtained another Japanese DVD, Samurai Princess.


Once upon a time, 12 girls were picnicking by a river when they were brutally attacked and killed by bandits led by 2 mechas. What are mechas, they are kind of like cyborgs.

Their bodies were found by a mad scientist and a monk. The mad scientist rebuild them all into 1 mecha and the monk fused 11 souls inside it.

Samurai Princess


1. Fire Hand

2. USB Connection from the back of her neck into an enemy's brain so she can scan their memories

3. Breast bombs, don't ask ha ha

4. Saw chest

Abilities - Ultimate Level

1. Asura many hands attack

2. Blue aura fist

A guitarist that can generate sound wave by playing a guitar.


Mecha number 1

She is kind of cute too


1. Scissors leg attack

Warning, the second attack will leave you speechless and say WTF. Don' say I did not warn you. Its.....

2. BJ Attack =.=

Mecha Number 2:
1. Skeleton removing punch

2. Chainsaw leg

3. Wound Stapler

Mecha 1 and 2 Combined


Erm, big snake attack???

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