Sunday, December 20, 2009

The good and the bad of Sim Brothel 2

The Good

They have Imari from Bible Black, yeah right, never heard of her or Bible Black :P, or her sexual preference. But you can only buy her from the Slave market and the entrance fee is 150 for the first time, and 50 for the rest. But she costs around 1300.. ha ha

All the girls from the slave market are super expensive.

You can assign leaders for each building...

Some of the graphics are better looking..ha ha.

The Bad

One of my biggest complain is the multiple pop up windows where I accidentally closed the main window and lost all my game.

The save function gave me a scare when I reload, all the girls are missing except the main character and the day is reset to one.

I created a folder to save the game, so you have to find the file to reload the game.

Girls missing???

Huh?? Day 1??

But fret not, once you move to the next day, all will be normal again....

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