Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Once upon a time in Malaysia (before 1Malaysia)

I was exhausted yesterday, so my mind traveled back to the 1980s. It reminded me of a time less stressful. Coconut trees, cool breeze, marketplace.

It also reminded me of Alleycats, the great group from the 80s. It was formed in 1969 and most of them are from Penang...yay.

Members of the group consists of

* David Arumugam on vocals
* Loganathan Arumugam on vocals
* Tan Chin Hock on drums
* Shunmugam Arumugam on lead guitar
* Chester Anthony Passerella on saxophone
* Khoo Fook Sin and Grenville Pereira (Gren) on keyboards
* Frank Ong on bass guitar.

The interesting this is even though this group consists of non Malays, the Malays love their songs and they were considered one of the best group ever. And you don't have to be good looking to be a singer....(not that I am saying they are ugly).

In those days, people are sincere, unlike politicians these days. In front of one ethic group you say something, but behind you say another thing. Prove me wrong :S.

Sorry to deviate a bit, but here are two of the songs from Alleycats. Enjoy

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