Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I love my holiday

I tend to get more things done when I am off rather than when I am working. I been meaning to buy a shirt for quite some time already, and finally today I managed to buy one. Been looking at Raoul shirt but the price is rm380, but I managed to find a brand which material is almost the same as Raoul but at half the price, so let me introduce you to the brand Feraud, which can be bought at Parkson Gurney.

I thought of buying black shirt, but have too many already, so buy black with stripe. And the fitting room at Parkson is really huge with double mirror..

Actually I like this one too, pity the material is too thin. But if you wear coat than its suitable..

Then I want to buy black pants. Went to Dockers, but they were out of my size. Then I went to Queensbay, and they were out of my size too. Why is it suddenly a lot of people wear Dockers? Now I am left in between buying Esprit pants or British India pants, still considering.

When I walked pass by the Christmas gift shop, suddenly I was feeling generous and decided to buy a sleeping mask for someone who cannot sleep without one...

At the gashapon machine, I remembered someone always looking at my Anizo collection on my table, so decided to get one for the person..

Had coffee at Starbuck at Borders with Lay Peng and JJ. Hazelnut frappucino, not bad...

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