Friday, December 18, 2009

Fashion show at Queensbay

Note - The reason I did not write this in my previous blog is its a pain to pull and move too many pictures.

There was 3 fashion show today at Queensbay. The first one is at 3.00 pm, featuring Soda clothes.

The second one at 5, featuring Voir.

Actually after that, I want to go back, but it was raining heavily, so I decided to have my dinner at TGI Fridays. I thought of having a steak, but remembered our last visit, you all had clam chowder and it looked delicious, so I ordered one. And it was delicious...

This is the southern chicken with sweet potato fries and jalapeno sauce..also nice.

After that I passed back the fashion show stage and they were having a lingerie fashion show. Wargh, die also must get to the front of the stage. Managed to get there but I was a bit out of place so just try my best..

See, so many people with their big cameras..

If I was at my original position, you will see better pictures.. ha ha.

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