Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cannibal Holocaust

This movie is called "The mother of all cannibal movie" so that should give you a warning first. This movie has achieved cult status among cannibal movie fans, so beware.

Long before "Blair Witch Project" and countless other movies, where recording of past incidents were used as part of the plot, this movie pioneered that technique. And the blurry recordings actually play trick on your mind. The gore is not actually what is shown, but what is playing in your mind. I can speak philosophy for hours, but on to the story. Because there are millions of reviews on this, so I focus more on the images.

This movie bought fame (notoriety) to the director buy it also ruined his reputation.

One of the reasons that a lot of people believe that the video recordings contains authentic killings, thus making it a "snuff movie".

A "snuff movie" is a movie that contains the torture and killing of a human being. It is a sort of urban legend, but up to now, no one have actually found any original movies on this. Numerous movies have touched on this for example "9mm". One time, actor Charlie Sheen saw an extremely violent "Guinea Pig" movie (its Japanese) and reported it to the FBI as a snuff movie..ha ha.

Back to the story, 4 people are missing after they went into the Jungle to make a documentary about cannibal tribes.

Umm, call me a fool, but this always happens in a cannibal movie, why do they always have to in the jungle to look for cannibals????

In "cannibal ferox", the characters vehicle had a flat tire, and what do they do? Rather than follow the normal road, they decide to go deeper in the jungle.

What would you do if you come across a village where the inhibitants are cannibals but the village is empty at the moment because they were out hunting??? I would be running the opposite direction as fast as my feet can take, but in the "cannibal" universe, you would sit and loaf around until the cannibals returns...

Note to any US directors, you should make a movie called "Canniballand", I can supply the script for a reasonable fee. ahem..back to the story.

So a Professor has agreed to go search for the missing crewman.

In the meanwhile, the army has captured a cannibal to help guide the rescue party into the jungle. I assume its the Brasilian army.

The cannibal would serve as a gide for the rescue party in the jungle and to negotiate with the cannibals...The rescue party would consists of 3 person, the Professor and 2 guides. I guess the army is too scared to follow.

Its not a good sign when you are on a rescue mission and the first thing you found is...

One feature that makes this movie nasty is the real live animal killings. I have no problem if you kill for food, but killing for the sake of a movie? This feature is followed buy many many other cannibal movies.

They saw a man killing his wife as a punishment for adultery, the followed the man and negotiated with the villages, using the hostage as leverage.

The villagers were mighty pissed when they see the white men, makes you wonder why, right?

National Geographic boobies (censored)

Clue of the missing crewmen

One man was particularly upset, saying the white men brought trouble to the village, showing a burnt hut and some dead people.

They calmed the tribe buy giving the man a switchblade...problem solved.

So the tribe showed them how to go deeper in the jungle where two warring tribes were.

They saw one tribe attacking the other tribe, the tree people. They use the smoke technique

As you can see, all the violence is covered by the smoke, so actually its your imagination that is scaring you.

Didn't your mum told you, "Don't play with your food'???

Backup has arrived..

Our heroes assisted the tribe..

Then the Professor found the shrine that contains the remains of the film crews.

So the Professor used a tape recorder to scare the tribe in giving him the film that the crew made.

Back in civilization, the Professor viewed the content of the tape.

1. Turtle Killing (More animal killings)

2. Leg amputation - The guide was bitten by a snake so they chopped off his leg. Where did these idiots learn first aid?? The guide died anyway.

3. Burning of a village - Remember the pissed off tribe earlier? The film crew burned their village just to make the film more interesting.

4. They raped and killed a tribe girl.

This scene got the director in trouble. He was bought to court on the suspicion of real murder and they had to find the actress in this scene to prove she was still alive, and the director had to show how he did this scene.

The tribe had enough at this point and its spears out time. The crew was killed one by one. When someone was killed, the cameraman was stupid enough to wait in hiding and film the scene. Me, I will be running to the hills and not hang around. But that's just me.

Actually the killing is more to your imagination as the shots were left blurred on purpose.

In the end, they decided to burn the tape but ....

Why people thought this film was an original footage..

In the end the Professor asked "Who are the real cannibals??"

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