Saturday, December 5, 2009

Living Doll

Meanwhile, at Queensbay, there is a living doll show by La Senza. In case you don't know what is La Senza, it's a shop that sells lingerie. So after I finished my business at Gurney, I rushed to Queensbay for the 5.30 show, which is only possible cause I use a bike.

Hmm, lotsa photographers with their big cameras so I was a bit reluctant to wait in front of the shop in the beginning. Size does matter in this case...

The catch is the models are standing behind the mirrors, so if you use flash, you are actually ruining the shot cause of the reflection. See, there are a lot of people there.

This is what happen when you are taking a picture while running to the other side.

My shot is a bit to the left because there are too many people in the middle.

Cannot get a clear shot and you can see the word Opulence in the mirror. The shop is on the other side.

So I moved back to the left corner..In case you are wondering what is that line, its the bloody mirror. It's better if they were not behind the mirror.

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