Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Opening the balisong

I was feeling bored, so I decided to check out my balisong. Actually it was a gift, but I feel sometimes the structure of the knife is a bit unstable cause of the screws, so I decided to check it out today.

No wonder, the handle is just held by a hollow tube that is held together by 2 screws at each side.

And when you spin the knife, eventually the screw will get loose.

Solution 1 - Use some kind of adhesive to make sure the screw does not move, or glue the tube to the handle. hmmm.
Solution 2 - Find a better replacement screw
Solution 3 - Replace the whole handle with my other balisong handle, actually I like the blade, but the handle is a bit problematic.

At this stage, I really missed my original balisong called "Lost", cause I hand picked that one myself and there is no screw problem, and its made from surgical steel..sigh.

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