Thursday, July 16, 2009

News of the day

I don't want to speculate what happened, but its not a good thing when the person died at the MACC office. Its bad for the image of the MACC because now there will be speculations and rumors on what happened. Its like all those suspect that died in police custody, even though there might be health reasons, no matter what the "scientific explanation" may be, the suspicion cannot be completely removed.

Suicide? If the person is not a suspect, why on earth would he commit suicide. Some people have been accused of owning a 24 Million Ringgit bungalow, but the person is still alive..hmmm

Waiting for the outcome of the investigation soon =.=. Hopefully he did not die of a "heart attack"..


Aftermath Friday 17-7-2009 8.49pm. The wolves are out. If this matter is not handled carefully, it will be another issue for the next election...and MACC will not be trusted anymore

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