Sunday, July 5, 2009


I swore that I wanna sleep early tonight cause I was up until 3 am all week long, but I wanted to write something first..

What makes us who we are, what defines us and what makes us exist and unique? If you ask me, the answer would be memory. Our memories and the memories that other people have of us. God made us great because unlike computer, we do not lose our memory when we shut down for the night....

I am cursed with super long memories, I still remember what I did when I was in form one, which was like 20 years ago.. ha ha

Memories of Penang
1. Pesta Pulau Pinang
I still remember when the Pesta Pulau Pinang was a big thing, people from other states would rent tour bus just to attend it. Of course before that we will go to the snake temple, Kek Lok Si and Batu Feringgi. During that time, there was still a lot of snakes at the snake temple, the sky is still blue when you take picture at Kek Lok Si and the water at Batu Feringgi was still blue too. That was circa 1983/1984. Some of you were not even born yet..

Side note: I have a lot of pictures but no bloody scanner and I have a projectof scanning all these pictures. Anyone free is welcomed to help me in this project..

2. Penang Bridge
When Penang Bridge was completed circa 1985, if my memory serve me right, people actually come to Penang just to take pictures of it. Imagine that. And there was this Big Fish Aquarium at Bukit Dumbar..

3. Komtar and Penang Road
During the 80s and early part of the 90s, Komtar was the most happening place to go in Penang. They have Parkson and Super Komtar, a lot of video game arcade, even White Castle and Satay Hut restaurant here. When I was studying at USM, I love to go there to play games on Saturdays..I have fond memories of Parkson as there were a lot of horror books thre and I used to read Stephen King's book there. Another counter I remembered is their knife counter with the swiss army knives and other knives. Actually I bought my first balisong there.. ha ha. One time I remembered them selling katana and crossbows but during that time I was a student so no money to buy. Sigh, how I miss parkson, the old parkson anyway..

During those days it only costs you 20 cents to play arcade game, unlike these days RM1 per token. I was an expert in Street Fighter using Chun Li and her helicopter spin kick. Before Dota exists we used to fight to see who will win in the end..

I still remember the old penang road, when the Cathay cinema was still in business. In the old days, trip to penang will not be complete if you don't stop by here. Chowrastar bazaar where people come to buy preserved nutmeg or at least a penang t-shirt ha ha

I will continue writing about the past, so people can appreciate the present time. Wanna sleep now..This is John Connor :P


Anonymous said...

Dude, I have a scanner. Come over to my place when free.

Another thing: I bought my first (and still in use currently) Victorinox Swiss Army knife at the same place you bought your balisong. Great place that was, indeed.

I was never good at Street Fighters. I was more into scrolling shooter. I was hooked on Tiger Heli and Macross.

I was also hooked on Arkanoid. :-p

asma said...

waaaaaaaaat? Penang used to have White Castle?

SMS said...

yes, it was back in the 90s. ha ha