Saturday, July 11, 2009

Aching Dreams Review ha ha

Another online date-sim/rpg game called Aching Dreams...

This game is different from others as it is a bit like an rpg game and the drawing is not so japanesy (is there such a word?). Anyway you play an adventurer trying to solve quests while trying to get the babes.. ha ha

If you are a beginner, try to get one of these girls only at a time. It means doing quests with them and stuff. By the way, I think the developer of this game is a pure rpg fan. First time I played I had problem completing the game, then I realized, in rpg game, a warrior needs the support of a magician and a magician needs the support of a warrior. So if you are after the battle babe, Taiyo, make sure you practice magician, and if you are after Selene, make sure you are a warrior, otherwise you will get a bad ending scenario...

The Guildmaster where you can get new adventure.. By the way you have 32 days to complete all missions..

Other than adventure, make sure you buff up your magic, if you are a magician up to at least 110 before the final battle..The same goes for the warrior.

You can go the lab to buff up magic or dock to buff up strength..

The first game I choose Taiyo, so I am off to learn magic..

Not a good start ha ha

Other than practice magic you need some money to buy a rope and a crystal for your adventures with Taiyo. You need to do several of them..

Due to an incident at the start of the game, she doesn't really like you at the beginning.. ha ha

The final battle, make sure your magic is around 110 before fighting, otherwise you will lose..

The ending ha ha


Anonymous said...

The drawings are not just not "japanesy", they are hideous!!!

Anonymous said...

A little harsh don't you think? i mean that's someones art work... Better then i can do so kudos to them! <3 You Taiyo