Saturday, July 25, 2009

MJ Fashion Show

Today, Saturday, 25-7-2009, there was an MJ Fashion show at Gurney. The MJ here refers to MetroJaya, not Micheal Jackson OK.

It was supposed to start at 12.30, so I positioned myself to get the best angle for the pictures. That was about 12.oo, so I waited half an hour. So around 12.30, there was an announcement that it will start in ANOTHER half an hour. Then around one, it is announced that it will start in another 10 minutes. That's Malaysian time for you. Zzzzz.

Finally it started around 1.10 pm, and I was on the first floor waiting. Took one picture and it was not so clear.

So I headed down since there was an opening there...

After that I went to the Sony shop to see their DSLR, it was around 2K...and the lens was around 800 something..

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