Monday, July 13, 2009

Of politics and death

It politics there are no permanent enemies or permanent friends. People can change their mind depending on the situations that favors them. Tell me about it, I used to work as a so called "Political Support Engineer" in one of the state government's project. The factories complained about the project like hell to the Penang CM (ex CM actually) but since the project is handled by one of the GLC (Government Linked Company), there was no effect. ha ha

The best thing is one time a person supports your idea, the next day they change their mind..

So if you are interested in joining politics, remember that you are not alone. You will be owned by the party. You may think that you are alone. You might say something to someone, but you might become a liability to the party because of what you say..ha ha

A senseless death, that's what I would say about the news below..

This university student lost his key to the room at the hostel, so he climbed the balcony to get in and fell to his death. I think this is the second time a student fell to his death because of this. So if you lost your keys, just report to the management and pay the fine and get a new pair of keys, don't play Jackie Chan OK.

That reminds me of a funny incident that happened during my university days, one of my roommate went to take a bath and did not tell us. So we went to lecture and locked the door. When he came back clad in only a towel, he found that he was locked out. So what did he do, climb the balcony?? No, he "borrowed" some of the clothes that was hanging outside to dry and looked for us at the lecture hall. Just like the Incredible Hulk. Lucky that there are clothes that fitted him. It would be hilarious to imagine he looking for us clad in a towel only.. ha ha

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Dumbo, the Sojourning Elephant said...

"Political Support Engineer". Hmm. Interesting. Never knew that was your job title back then.

Is it something of a "spin doctor"? Ha-ha.